Social Media Campaings


for Campaigns


I have completed illustrations for various campaigns, including an advert for VARTA batteries called “Hidden Heroes”, featuring original character designs I produced.

ESL GFX Graphics

Graphics for Social Media


I have made promotional media for
E-sports events on behalf of ESL for regional tournaments in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Each game had a specific guideline I had to work with, with titles such as Hearthstone, League of Legends, and FIFA.

Streamers & Youtubers Assets


These are various drawings and designs I have created for Youtubers. I produced an animated intro and outro for videogame channel Urisia, and thumbnails and title cards for 2 Guitars Play, featuring a different game and custom art piece for each cover (including Overcooked, Mario: Kingdom Battle and Undertale).

Streamers & YouTubers Assets

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