Hey there! I'm Cristina, but probably better known as Neryko. I'm an artist from Spain currently living in the United Kingdom. I have a wide range of artistic interests and endeavours, with experience in animation, graphic design, comic drawing and illustration.

My interest in all things art was sparked when, as a young child watching cartoons, I realised the images weren't alive and had to have been made by someone. Since then, I've striven to make everything I draw as expressive and full of life as the shows I enjoyed younger (that said, I still enjoy them now!)

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Creativity Award

After working on some projects with Zap! Juice, such as branding design, they decided to generously award me for my graphic design job.

Comic Astillero

During 2 years I participated in Astillero's comic competition for the category under 18.


Historical Womans

A group of Spanish female artists put on an exhibition featuring important women in history. I decided to draw Anne Bonny, one of the most famous woman pirates.


Santander decided to make a memorial exposition of Spirou with a lot of artists involved.
These expositions travel around Spain during that year.

La Casa Vieja

Casa Vieja offered me to prepare a personal exposition in their local.

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